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Whether you are traveling solo or with a friend, our Soul Adventurer package is perfect for the adventurer in you. If coming solo, have NO WORRIES, we will will match you with your new future best friend. Retreat experiences are undoubtedly where life-long friendships are created. You never leave a retreat without more friends than you began. Each bungalow is equipped with two beds and a private shared bathroom and shower that include your toiletries and towels.

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THE PIMPERS PARADISE (6 spots available)


Pimper’s Paradise is the perfect upgrade for those new to yoga as well as the the seasoned yogi. Experience healing through touch with specialized hands-on adjustments, extra pampering and special energy-balancing svasana experiences in each yoga class. Hands-on adjustments allows your body to surrender and go further than it could alone. Deepening your mind-body connection gives you more awareness and access to range and depth in your poses in a safe way.

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The following retreat packages includes coaching.

Life coaching provides support and accountability in creating a successful, happy, healthy, and confident life. Our coaching sessions will provide clarity on goal setting and overcoming barriers while exploring self-discovery, relationships to self and others, and confidence.

Benefits to individual life coaching include:

  • Clarity and commitment
  • Reduced procrastination
  • Improved life skills and behaviors
  • Enhancing work-life balance
  • Better decision making
  • Impoved interpersonal skills
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Increased confidence and well-being
  • Greater satisfaction and goal attainment


LIVELY UP YOURSELF (2 spaces available)


~This is the VIP Experience~

Perfect for those that are in the mindspace of true transformation. This is for those that are ready to pivot their life journey into one that is more whole, light, and at peace. This includes the privacy of your own bungalow, a full coaching session pre and post retreat as well as daily coaching check-ins during retreat. Pre-retreat coaching session will help clarify your goals and vision, and you will walk away with a full action plan that we will help you develop in the post-retreat session.

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~This is the Spiritual Experience~

This a complete and total transformation package for the one ready to receive the necessary guidance, support and accountability to make life-long changes and achieve optimal peace, joy and health in everyday living. This includes a minimum of 6 months of coaching with both Julie and Becki for a total of 24 coaching sessions and on-going support in between. Through six months of spiritual life coaching you will connect to a deeper meaning of the world and of life in general. You will find a deeper purpose and what it is that you love to do most. You will learn how to find balance, trust yourself and your intuition. You will learn how to break free of any beliefs, habits and practices that no longer serve you or resonate on a deep level. You will learn how to use your inner self as a guide so that you continue to evolve and grow spiritually in every area of your life.

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$600 deposit to reserve your spot.

Balance to be paid by Sept 30th, 2023.

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